Our Concept

Our concept would be interested in Government's reviewing of some of its industries.

Our concept would approach the relevant Ministry officials or the City Council representative, in case of the company's mojority is owned by the manicipality. We would seek to work with them to determine where and how the market will recognise value in the company or a specific asset (e.g. oil & gas pipelines and storage terminal, power plants, seaports, airports, road & rail roads, refineries, water treatment system, hospital, school), determine capital requirements to reach their growth potential and devise a strategy to meet their goals for value and growth.

Initially, we would assist the client (government, municipality or a major shareholder) in understanding the value and capital requirements. Then we would determine the amount of capital that could be reasonably raised to promote the growth or find the strategy how to extend the value of the existing assets or the concession for the value of a company by selling those assets or by spinning some of the non-core business assets.

Once a strategy and set of goals are deviced, we will assist the government/client in their implementation.

The steps taken to raise capital may include

  • A private or public offering or debt or equity, in case of privatisation process organises the tender for selling the assets or offering concession for certain business activities.
  • Spinning off one or more of the business/assets into a separate public or private vehicles.
  • The divestiture of one more business units/assets.
  • Negotiate a debt restructuring agreement.
  • Creating joint venture or strategic partnering agreement.